Art Drawing Marker Pen , TOUCHNEW 40 60 80 168 Colors Alcohol Graphic Art Sketch Twin Marker Pens Gift sketchbook for painting

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  1. Twin tip Broad Fine Point marker pens
  2. Alcohol-based ink dries acid-free,write smoothly
  3. According to the cap of pen,easy to distinguish the each color
  4. 80 colors marker pens for 1 pack,8 different colors sets you can choose
  5. Perfect for Artists, Hobbyist, Desingers and Crafter
  6. 1. This is 80 colors marker pens set and 8 different color types you can choose
  7.  2. The color assortment of course is quite impressive. Each cap has it’s number and name on each end of the marker. 
  8. 3. The product page has a color chart that you can print and save if you choose.
  9. 4. The markers pens are storaged in a zippered fabric case,convenient to carry.
  10. 5. Great set of markers, nice variety of colors, caps fit well, ink flows as expected.Don’t miss it!
  11. Package Included:1 x 30 40 60 80 168 colors maker pens set







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48 Color White body, 80 Color White body, 60 Color White body, 168 Color White body, 40 Color White body, 60 Color Black body, 80 Color Black body, 168 Color Black body

Ships From

CHINA, Poland, United States, Spain, Russian Federation, France

Color Quantity

168 Colors

Package Quantity

168 Pcs


Art Marker





20 reviews for Art Drawing Marker Pen , TOUCHNEW 40 60 80 168 Colors Alcohol Graphic Art Sketch Twin Marker Pens Gift sketchbook for painting

  1. Antonio Levine

    The goods very quickly arrived (in 5 days). All in excellent condition, I was very happy that the seller put a lot of bonus: sketchbook, two gel black pens, glove, gold silver gel pens, A white gel pen and three liners (one liner is superfluous, but as they say, there are no many liners).
    I also found in the set two blender (and again one extra, but so nice (❁ ‘◡’ ❁) ).
    Many thanks to the seller, I am very pleased with the order.♡♡♡♡

  2. Gérald Courbet

    Everything is fine, except for one marker who came with a marriage (

  3. Diedra Spath

    The parcel came to Moscow in due time. Delivery was in Russia. Of all 80 markers, one was dry. Thank you very much for the gifts!!! The child is happy!

  4. Marlen Akhmetov

    The description is accurate, but there is but, what kind of strange pens and which used to lie with felt-tip pens? Packing is good, the bag is also not torn. The seller has been considering my order for a long time, although delivered from Tmall very quickly. For suspicious pens in the bag I put a minus score, although the seller will recommend! Total 4 out of 5!

  5. Starr Lheureux

    The markers came quickly, 5 days and already in Zhukovsky. Packed everything is fine. Corresponds to the description

  6. Germain Beaumont

    Everything is super! My daughter is happy. Gifts separate photo. Shipping in Russia mega fast, 1.5 kg parcel weight

  7. Roderick Roth

    Excellent markers 80 colors + gifts pen Black 2 pieces, white, gold, silver + notepad and glove and everything in a purse. My daughter really liked it. Delivery to Ryazan in two days Super.

  8. Gérald Noir

    Awesome. My daughter is happy. Draws incessantly. The seller sent the goods very quickly, at a good price. Delivery in 9-10 days occurred. The seller also reported a bunch of gifts. See photo

  9. Debbie Tanner

    Quality is fine. Came in 6 days, immediately tried everything. There were no dried ones. Pleasant additions: 2 liner (liner), white handle, thin black handle, 2 soft pencils (not yet sharpened, the slate is thick, not less than 4 V), gold and silver pens, notepad with special paper very pleased. The only Newans-the white pen leaked half and writes not very much.

  10. Iside Casaletto

    The goods came in just a week! All 168 markers came in. All markers write well, but only markers 121, 122, 123, 124, 125, 126 write as text-singers. I mean, a little bit of paper eating from others. As a gift put: a glove, a sketchbook, a white pen, 5 black pens, a gold and silver pen. another as a gift put two markers of a blender. Only here is one marker from the company Touch new, and the other from the touch fave! Recommend!!!

  11. Aasiyah Haney

    I ordered florics initially delivery from Russia, but these were not available in the Russian warehouse, the seller contacted the meyunoy, suggested to send others or wait for the white ones to appear in Russia, we asked to expel what is there, as a result, in three weeks Courier sdek brought straight home flomics White. The seller always answered the messages. The product, corresponds to the description completely, additionally were nested glove, pens and markers, apparently this is a gift, in the description it was not.

  12. Prudence Rodden

    The order came in 3 days. The product corresponds to the description, took 80 colors. In the kit there are 2 more black markers, black liner, Blender, 1 white pen, which surprisingly writes, a glove about scuffs and a notepad. Everything is packed in a bag, nothing was damaged during transportation. All markers write well, but there are very similar colors, you could do less. A large palette of gray shades for monochrome sketches. The color does not enjoy, the joints at the Hatch are not visible. In the case on the sketch has not yet tried, but the receipt shows that the product is quality. There were 2 dirty markers in red ink, but they themselves did not suffer.

  13. Branda Goshorn

    For 5 days sdek courier delivered from Moscow))
    Set sooo satisfied. I ordered 168 colors and in the kit there were a lot of pleasant bonuses, in the form of silver and gold handles, capillary pens and a bunch of black markers)))

  14. Carla Poole

    Markers came, the presence and gifts are all as in the description. My daughter is happy. Delivery to Belgorod Region 5 days.

  15. Devon Huntoon

    The goods came in 15 days in Novouralsk. I ordered from Russia, sent from China, in any case quickly enough. I took 80 colors, everything is well written, they smell of alcohol as well as all other alcohol markers, notepad is not for markers, they need to draw on more dense paper.

  16. Reiko Jeanlouis

    Markers oooochen cool) ordered 168 colors, all write as a gift put: 2 black gels. Pens, Golden gel. Pen, silver gel. Handle, 3 double-sided linir (liner), Zero marker (blender like) white gel. Pen, album for markers (A5), glove for drawing) all good quality. Markers were in the bag. Ordered 18.12.19 came 10.01.20

  17. Fernand Aveline

    Felt-tip pens are cool. After sending the order for a long time did not update the status, wrote to the seller Mol where is my order, he said he was allegedly lost, but I can send it again (most likely forgot to send). After the “second shipment” reached Chelyabinsk in 10 days.

  18. Dastan Nurbolatev

    Super fast shipping! Quality is beautiful, the child is happy! Colors juicy match

  19. Gianmaria De Sario

    Many thanks for the markers! The courier just delivered them! Very clear number imprint, it is very important, since we have seen in video reviews of different quality goods from other sellers! We highly recommend this seller!!
    We did not expect such fast delivery!
    The quality of the goods we are very satisfied! We will take a video review on yutuba and be sure to specify the seller!
    Thanks for the gifts to the order-markers, pens and an album for drawing!
    The order came in 4 days!!
    Thank you so much!)

  20. Daanyal Shepard

    Ordered 80 colors 24.04 late in the evening, delivered by courier home 3-4.05. The son is delighted. Periodically tracked on the site All markers perfectly write, good color rendition, the only minus-one came dry, T. It was cracked. On simple paper in coloring prints on another page, it is better just to draw on individual sheets/art paper. As well as everyone, of course, put gifts. Be sure to store in a horizontal position! The seller was chosen by the number of positive reviews and did not lose. I really liked everything, a sincere recommendation.

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